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Products : Quantum Coin Changer
The New Quantum coin changer has superseded the traditional Global 2 coin changer.
They are interchangeable with Globals in all applications.

NEW ! Executive / Protocol A version will now operate with an MDB note acceptor such as the Coinco MC 7200.

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Key Benefits & Features
  • Four payout coin tubes for more changemaking and greater vending sales.
  • Simple modular design for easy servicing.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Built in programmable payout feature.
  • Electronic acceptance of up to 16 different coins.
  • Available for protocols:
    • MDB (34VDC) -- ALQ-G707
    • Electromechanical (120VAC) -- ALQ-F707
    • Protocol A / Executive (24VDC) --ALQ-A707
  • All Changers include the MDB connection harness.
  • New jam clearing payout routine. Payout reliability improved 250%
  • Quick and easy tube changeout
  • Faster payout time by up to 40%
  • Programmable high-speed payout makes the best use of available change.
  • Flash programmable micro-controller. Upgrades for future feature addition.
  • Adaptable to new coins in the future.
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