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Coin Payout Programming

Products: Global 2 Coin Changer / Quantum Coin Changer

Reconfiguring the acceptor for different coin payout.

The acceptor must be a programmable model acceptor this can be determined by the gate cable to the right of the coin return lever, if it is a grey 25mm wide cable then it a programmable model. Other models need to be returned to the service workshop to be reprogrammed.

The following procedure is used to reprogram the coin routing and payout of a programmable model coin mech:
  1. Install the desired coin tubes with shims into the changer.
  2. To start reprogramming the acceptor to route the coins to the new tubes. Press inventory buttons A, B and D simultaneously for three seconds until the LED turns off, indicating the reprogramming mode has been entered.
  3. Two seconds after the inventory buttons are released, the LED will flash an alternating rate one second ON, on second OFF, then two seconds ON, seconds OFF, indicating the process is waiting for the coin destination to be selected.
  4. To select the coin destination, press for one second and release the inventory button for the desired tube. Once the destination is selected, the LED will flash a one second 50% ON / 50% OFF sequence.
  5. Insert the coin for the tube you have selected into the acceptor; if it is successfully accepted, it will be routed to the selected tube. Any coin not assigned a tube will be routed to the cashbox. For example to route a $1 to the C tube, press inventory button C and insert a $1 coin into the acceptor, if accepted it will be routed to the C tube.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each coin tube you wish to reprogram.
  7. To exit the programming mode and save the new routing information, press the coin return lever for four seconds, the LED will return to its normal pattern.

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