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What is the Coin Float mode?

Products: Global 2 Coin Changer / Quantum Coin Changer

The ability to maintain coin levels in the coin mech is called the coin float mode. The Quantum and Global coin mechs have two types of float available, the paydown float and the level float. The coin mechs are sold with paydown float ON as default.

Paydown float mode will allow the coin tubes to fill to full and later they can be paid down to the set coin levels, therefore maintaining a set change level after a service call.

Level Float mode will cause the coin tubes to fill to the set level after which all additional coins will be routed to the cashbox, therefore maintaining a set change level throughout operation.

To change the float mode type, the coin mech needs to be returned to a service centre, so it can changed via software. This will be done at no cost.

After this, when the coin mech is in the machine, it needs to have coins fed into it so it can have an accurate coin count for each tube. This is done via the TUBE FILL mode in an electronic vending machine or via the coin mech's manual fill mode in electromechanical vending machines. After the coin tubes are filled to the desired level, leave the fill mode, and press buttons A&D together, then B&C together to enter float mode (the LED will flash ON/OFF).

See the manual for full float mode details.

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